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HERD is an equal opportunity employer and strives to attract the best available talent and ensure diversity in its workforce. A job at HERD is a landing station which opens endless possibilities. The opportunities for learning, research, humility, social responsibility, respect for individual, deliver the promise, entrepreneurship, team work and relationships are the core value of the Group we belong to, will keep you engaged and help you.

१. Online Job Apply गर्नको लागि सर्व प्रथम HERD International को Website: मा गई “Register" Button मा Click गरेर आफ्नो E-mail Address दिने र ईच्छाएको Password राखी Continue मा Click गर्ने ।

२. यहाँले दिएको E-mail Address मा HERD Vacancy बाट Activation गर्ने Link आउछ.

३. त्यो Link मा Click गरिसकेपछि आवेदन फारम खुल्नेछ. आवेदन फारममा आफ्नो विवरण भरी “Create Profile” मा Click गर्ने ।

४. माथि देखिएको “Job Button” मा Click गरी आफूले ईच्छाएको पदमा Click गरि “Apply for this position” Button मा Click गरी “Apply” Button मा Click गर्ने ।

५. एवम प्रकारले अर्को पदमा पनि आवेदन भर्ने ईच्छा भएमा अर्को फारम भर्नु पर्दैन तर माथि देखिएको “Jobs” Button मा Click गरी आफूले ईच्छाएको पदमा Click गरी “Apply for this position” Button मा Click गरी “Apply” Button मा Click गर्ने ।

Please scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions about Vacancy Announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vacancy Announcement 

Query: Where and how to Apply?

Response: Go to and apply. We do not accept other forms of applications.

Query: Do candidate previously registered need to reapply?

Response: Yes, you can login with your previous email id and password and updated latest profile and reapply for your preferred post.

Query: I have been facing some problems as my application is not accepted. What should I do?

Response: Please ensure that all required information in your profile is updated. Once you complete your profile, only then you can proceed with applying for the open positions. The problem in loading of the webpage can also be result of the weak internet connectivity.

Query: I have updated my profile and then what should I do?

Response: Once you complete your profile, you need to apply for the open positions mentioned in the webpage.

Query: How will I be ensured that my application process is completed?

Response: You will receive an auto-response confirmation email as evidence that your application process is completed.


To apply please click "View Details" button and then click "Process to apply job".

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